How to install star desktop

How to install star desktop

1-  star desktop files

Download install source archive on the left menu in your /home/USER folder.

2- Requirement

star desktop require gambas3 package from your repository.
star destop require openbox or sawfish window manager.

3- Installation

uncompress downloaded install archive in your /home/USER folder. one install folder will be created(it's a gambas 3 project)
When gambas3 package installed, open gambas 3 IDE and open this install project as this :

File -> open project -> choose install project.

Click on the play button or execute program.

This install program start. Click on Begin button.

All steps bellow will be done automaticaly:

When process is finished, you can close gambas3 IDE and logout.
You can login with openbox session.

If you don't have desktop, open one terminal and launch these two applications (in yellow):

/home/USER$ cd star
/home/USER/star$ cd apps
/home/USER/star/apps$ ./desktop.gambas
/home/USER/star/apps$ ./deskbar.gambas

star desktop project documentation for the star desktop environment - January 2022 -

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